Astha Homeo Clinic


Your decision to consider alternative treatment can certainly cause apprehension. Your condition has already created uncertainties and you must now be sure of the physician you are seeking and verify whether he has the required credentials – experience – knowledge and confidence to help you and/or guide you in the right direction.
            Dr. Kuldeep K. Sharma

            Specialty: Homeopathy
            Super Specialty: Chronic Diseases - Children, Skin, Joints & Respiratory affection
            Homeo Consultant (MD)


Dr. Kuldeep K. Sharma his medical education at the prestigious "****************"where he earned his degree of ‘Bachelor of Homeopathic medicine '. During this period, Dr. Kuldeep also had the opportunity to witness 100’s of cases daily and the application of Homeopathic theory in practice during Internship.

After that he establish ‘Astha Homeo Clinic which primarily specialized in the treatment of Chronic & Childhood Diseases as well as conditions involving the skin, joints and respiratory system.  His specialization at HRD does not limit his world of clinical familiarity, and involves Homeopathic Management of Malignancy, Tumors, AIDS, Cancer and innumerable such ‘Incurable Ailments’.

In addition to his practice and R&D activities, Dr. Kuldeep conducts numerous awareness programs through brochures, helping individuals learn about homeopathy and its advantages. He has also been interviewed on Television where he spoke about the advantages of consulting a ‘Homeopathic Specialist’ as compared to self treatment.

Through Astha Homeo Clinic, Dr kuldeep has helped and answered thousands of queries from concerned individuals.